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Thuthuka Stokvel

Welcome to the Future

We will empower disadvantaged communities by helping entrepreneurs with strong potential to raise start-up capital in a manner that is familiar and safe, community capital. The team behind Mtwanamba is pioneering a completely new method of providing hygiene and sanitation services at funerals across South Africa. Join the movement by becoming a member of Thuthuka Stokvel on the Stokfella app.

Our Goal

Thuthuka Stokvel is supporting Mtwanamba with seed capital raising of R500,000 in start-up capital.

A minimum investment contribution of R5000 per member is required. Limited to 100 stokvel members.

Members can expect an investment return of 15% to be earned per annum (for as long as the stokvel membership is maintained).

Where will the funds be invested:

During the first 6 months to be split between purchasing 6 VIP toilets, and running working capital.

VIP toilets will be rented out to funerals parlours at a rate of R3500 per funeral, for a minimum of 12 funerals per month. This will generate R252,000 in revenue, per month.

This will yield an annual net profit of R970,000.

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