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Mtwanamba Hygiene Solutions is a completely black-owned hygiene and sanitation company that has been in existence since 2018. Mtwanamba Hygiene Solutions is a forward-thinking company which strives to decisively influence the changes around hygiene and sanitation, particularly at funerals. We are passionate about hygiene and sanitation and offer the latest technologically innovative products and services in and around South Africa. We offer a diverse bouquet which includes, but not “limited” to, luxury VIP mobile toilets, mobile hand-wash basins and mobile freezers. We pride ourselves in delivering integrated solutions to meet the needs of our diverse customer segments, at affordable costs.

Our Products and Services


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Hand Wash Basins

A multi-face hand wash basin

Waste Bins

Large waste bins for general outdoor litter as well as clearly marked bins for hazardous materials

Mobile Equipment

Mobile fridges, stoves, ovens, braai stands and mobile storage rooms

A Cleaning Team

A team of cleaners to ensure constant cleanliness and sanitizing during the funeral

Mobile Toilets

Mobile VIP toilets equipped with a hand-wash basin, mirror, hand soap dispenser, auto air freshener dispenser and a waste bin

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